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The EU-Module FRB

In the year 2016, the DLRG and THW started arranging the EU module »Flood Rescue using Boats« (FRB).

Since then, the unit of the European emergency relief is ready for action. It should be deployed for rescue operations in flood areas in Europe.

The new rescue team is supposed to operate autonomously for ten days. The larger THW boats are completed with DLRG boats which are smaller and more agile. Mixed crews are deployed on all boats.

Deployment options

To support the civil protection forces of the affected state the EU-Module FRB will take over the following tasks:

  • Self-supply of own forces and their equipment
  • Search and rescue missions
  • Reconnaissance of flooded areas
  • Simultaneous transport of 50 people using boats
  • Supply of encircled population with material aid

Dispatch of the module

The mutual unit of the DLRG and THW can be alarmed within the bounds of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism through the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) for floodings or severe rainstorm events.

In advance of an alert, an inquiry of the affected state to the ERCC and a support offer from the federal government are necessary.

After being commissioned the module is operational in just 12 hours. The rescue personnel (39 in total) and the gear of the EU-Module will then be transferred to the state in need by trucks and emergency vehicles.

Voluntary rescue forces

The rescue personnel of the EU Module “Flood Rescue using Boats” are voluntary members of the DLRG as well as the THW.

The processes for a rescue operation are practiced and developed during joint exercises and training.

Are you a member of the DLRG or THW and interested in supporting the module? Then reach out to a contact person from your organization.


Martin Cordes
Federal commissioner EU-Module

Phone: +49 5723 955 420 (office)
E-Mail: frb@dlrg.de
Im Niedernfeld 1-3
31542 Bad Nenndorf

Alexander Kautz
Chief adviser EU-Module FRB

Phone: +49 5723 955 421
E-Mail: frb@bgst.dlrg.de
Im Niedernfeld 1-3
31542 Bad Nenndorf


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