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European Youth Lifesaving Championships 2024

The European Youth Lifesaving Championships (EYLC) 2024 will take place from June 29th to July 5th in Riesa and Mücheln, Germany.

Info for coaches

On Friday, June 28th, the pool is free for Individual Training Times. You can book a lane via Forms.

Dear athletes,
dear lifesaving fans,

The last international major lifesaving event held in Germany was the 2008 World Championships in Berlin and Warnemünde. Perhaps some of the athletes participating in this year's European Youth Lifesaving Championships in Riesa and Mücheln weren't even born at that time. Certainly, none of them were likely considering pursuing water rescue as a competitive sport.

I am thrilled that the DLRG (Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft) is once again hosting such a prestigious championship. May the competitions not only provide exciting sports with close finishes but also strengthen the friendships and teamwork among all participants.

However, lifesaving sports serve not only as a means of comparison and enjoyment but also fulfill a life-saving function. Fitness, speed, and optimal use of rescue equipment are core competencies that distinguish good lifeguards. Nearly 50,000 DLRG members volunteer in water rescue, saving over 1,000 lives each year. I hope that many of these athletes will contribute their skills after their athletic careers to ensure the safety of swimming and water activities.

Warm regards,

Ute Vogt, President of the DLRG

Dear lifesavers,

as President of the DLRG Landesverband Sachsen e.V., it is a special honour for me that the 2024 European Youth Lifesaving Championships will take place partly in Saxony, and more precisely in the sports city of Riesa. The citizens of the Free State of Saxony are known not only nationally but also internationally for their sporting mentality. I would therefore like to welcome you to a federal state in which sport has a long tradition and also plays a special role in general. Numerous talented athletes come from Saxony: Tina Dietze, Tim Grohmann, Andrea Herzog, Peter Kretschmer, Tom Liebscher and many more. In addition to the types of sport, it is also worth noting the element in which the athletes have excelled: The wet element of water.

‘Love water - save lives’ - this current slogan of the German Lifesaving Association connects so many things in the Free State of Saxony. The element of water unites sport, talent and the German Lifesaving Association. Sport is not only a social phenomenon here, but also an important economic component. Saxony is a state in which many facets of sport can be found: Whether summer sports or winter sports - Saxony's many scenic features literally invite you to live out your sporting ‘addiction’. And in line with our principles, this pursuit must be underpinned by personal safety and the protection of human life. Basically, this is where rescue sport comes in as a way of bringing young people into contact with lifesaving - and not just from a sporting perspective.

I wish the participants the greatest sporting success and all interested parties and guests a pleasant stay in the Free State of Saxony.

Yours, Andreas Lorenczat

Dear Athletes, dear lifesaving fans,

There is hardly any other sport like lifesaving sport, where athletes face such diverse requirements while having so much fun. In lifesaving sport, elements from various sports disciplines come together, combining swimming and athletic demands with the mission of saving lives. Competitions for all ages and skill levels take place in swimming pools and open water venues - the open water events are particularly among the most attractive and challenging competitions.

I am very pleased that the State Association of Saxony-Anhalt is hosting the open water competitions for the Junior European Championships. We are happy to support our DLRG association in organizing this high-caliber championship.

Best regards,

Holger Hövelmann, President of the DLRG State Association of Saxony-Anhalt

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